Welcome to Happen, we’re a brand new creative branding and marketing firm based out of the Chicago market.

We focus on marketing, acquisitions, and consulting on behalf of our clients’ request to help assist them in growing their customer base.  We represent multiple Fortune 100 and 500 clients by advertising their products and services in a variety of marketing and branding mediums with a keen focus on retail events.  The large demand from our clients has afforded our company explosive growth in an highly competitive industry and we show no signs of slowing down – which is not only great for our clients but for us as a company as well!

It’s difficult to attract customers if nobody knows about your brand. We conduct research how to better market and advertise your product or service to hundreds of thousands of customers in a way that is memorable and tailored to each of your customers’ needs. We work in partnership with your business while organizing our elite team to oversee and run campaigns. Our expert staff will oversee all staffing in order to make sure we can address any issues as well as refine our performance to properly spread awareness of your brand.

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The team at  is very ambitious and has a clear vision when it comes to hitting the goals that have been set.  The team is devoted to excellence and won’t shy away from any challenges that we may face along the way while helping our clients expand their brand.  We are competitive in nature and we pride ourselves on having the most optimistic and positive attitude when facing a task as well as having an unrivalled work ethic to accomplish it in a quick and efficient manner.  The team with their entrepreneurial mindset is constantly honing their skills as well as giving their all to help coach and develop the newer staff.  We have a strong belief in developing our people into the future leaders that will help our organization grow to its full potential.


Happen is an outsourcing solution that can help any business with their marketing campaign struggles.  We are cost efficient for our clients, provide a large volume of new customer acquisitions as well as provide customer service to pre-existing clients.


Our experience in the industry can help our clients maximize their market penetration in an area and truly give the company the biggest bang for their buck. That’s why clients love Happen. We consistently provide unbeatable results.


We work with some of the largest and most recognized brands in the country and we can either provide a dedicated marketing force for a company or offer our consultative opinion in helping expand a companies reach.


The only way any business flourishes is through sales. Our team promises the best results for any of our clients and we make sure that every day we deliver over 100%  as return on their investment while on the front lines as we work face to face with your customers.

“Something is always happening somewhere.”

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